Scout 215 XSF: Quick Ride

Join the edit crew for an introduction to Scout's latest 21-footer.

Scout Boats introduces media and its dealers to new hulls every September. This video offers a brief introduction to the 215 XSF, a new 21-plus-foot center console with forward seating, which debuted Sept. 15 in Charleston, South Carolina. (Even as Tropical Storm Julia swirled offshore, the harbor remained mostly unaffected and remarkably dry!) Our editor's first impression: This is a big 21-footer.

A Sport Fishing editor will be returning to Charleston in the near future to Fish Trial this boat with Scout, spending three or four hours targeting inshore or nearshore species to fully evaluate fishability. Look for a more extensive video on this model online in October and a full-length article in the January or February issue of Sport Fishing magazine.

Scout also has introduced a new electrically actuated rocket launcher and custom paint colors that will first debut on its 420 LXF model. Eventually, boating anglers will be able to order a Scout boat in any hull color they prefer, whether that's school or pro team colors, or girly-girl pink. The new rocket launcher pairs with the 420's SureShade extendable canvas awning, but it can be operated independently, which makes stowing rods easier for vertically challenged anglers.

Besides the new center console, Scout showed off two new dual consoles: the 175 Sport Dorado and the 255 Dorado. The 175 represents the smallest hull in that lineup; the 255 is the second largest. While center consoles still dominate the fishing market, more and more families are opting for multipurpose boats like these duals to fish, ski and explore.