Saltwater Fishing Gear

Check out the latest in saltwater fishing gear, tackle, apparel and accessories.

The multi-million dollar fishing industry has every fishing gear product you need to catch your favorite target game fish. From inshore to offshore fishing, that specific piece of fishing gear is out there for you. With shelves at boating stores and tackle shops loaded with options, Sport Fishing helps you stay updated with the latest gear from the top manufacturers.


Sport Fishing Tackle

If anglers have an addiction, it’s usually buying too much fishing tackle. But can you really blame us? Today’s rod and reel makers are incorporating new technologies for longer lasting, better fighting, lighter weight products. Manufacturers also design rods and reels for just about every different type of species. Check out the newest fishing tackle today.


Apparel and Accessories

The proper fishing clothing is an important piece of a fishing trip. Whether fishing in direct sun or rainy conditions, you’ll likely want to cover up to protect yourself. Other accessories on the boat such as gaffs, anchors, coolers, dry bags, pliers, sunglasses, shoes, etc. also enhance your fishing experience. If you want to do fishing right, make sure you have the right fishing accessories on your next trip.