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Gear, tactics, travel and more from the female angler’s perspective.

Whether anglers or not, millions of women are affected by breast cancer. In the world of fishing, numerous organizations have formed to offer hope and awareness. Executive Editor Chris Woodward talks with Susan Gaetz, from Casting for Recovery, and Carolyn Stash from Pink Ladies Breast Cancer Foundation. These groups provide various resources within the freshwater- and saltwater-fishing worlds.

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Welcome to a page dedicated to women anglers, curated by our female executive editor, Chris Woodward. Chris grew up fishing in Florida, and has spent the last 30 years as an outdoors editor. In her experience, fishing offers more than just a tale and some bragging rights. It brings with it — particularly for women — feelings of appreciation and a deeper connection to others and to the natural world.

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Tackle and Gear

Current Sniper Splash Walk

Seven Lures That Fish Just Can’t Pass Up

These lures will add a little thrill to your fishing.

Penn Wrath II 4000

Six Outstanding Freshwater Reels

From spinning reels to baitcasters, these freshwater reels will improve the time you spend fishing.

Holiday Gift Guide for Women Anglers

Holiday Gift Guide for Women Anglers

16 great ideas for the female fishing enthusiasts in your family.

Blossom fly

Effective Flies You Can Tie Fast

These simple flies save you time at the vise to quickly get you back on the water.

Shimano Pop-Orca

Six Great Topwater Lures

There’s nothing better than watching a fish slam a plug as it rips across the water’s surface.

YETI Panga 28L Waterproof Backpack

The Best Fishing Dry Bags

Salt water gets everywhere. And when it does, your gear gets clobbered. The answer is a dependable waterproof backpack.


Women in the Sport

Laurel David on the water

Meet Debbi and Laurel David, Marlin Expeditions Instructors

Two teaching professionals who take the Marlin Expeditions experience to the next level.

Ashley Bretecher posing next to the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Series trophy.

Meet Ashley Bretecher

The tournament director of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown discusses the growth of the resort and the future of the series.

Marlin Ladies Team Competes in Grand Caribe Deep Sea Classic

The seventh-annual tournament attracts anglers from around the world.

Sailfish caught in Gautemala

Ladies-Only Marlin Expedition to Guatemala Rolls On

The third-annual fishing and learning experience lights up the sailfish bite.

Cindy Pease Roe with sculpture

On Board With: Cindy Pease Roe

Cindy Pease Roe is dedicated to improving the health of our oceans.

Lea Anne Powell record largemouth

Another World Record Bass Out of Texas

The 12-pounder caught by Lea Anne Powell would break IGFA's 12-pound line-class record.

How To

Fishing near homes

Etiquette for Fishing Near Private Docks and Homes

These eight rules of etiquette can help minimize clashes between boating anglers and waterfront residents.

tuna caught on Yo-Zuri vibe

When the Vibe is Right

Inshore and offshore fishing with vibe lures has its roots in Japan and Australia. Now they're trending among US anglers too.

How to Catch Wahoo Anywhere

Six strategies to up your wahoo trolling game and score big anywhere.

Tips to Help You Land Fish Faster

Unlock your rod’s power to fight fish more efficiently so you won’t lose the catch of a lifetime.

Georgia grass carp

The Top 5 Invasive Freshwater Fish to Catch

When fish are swimming in your home waters that aren't supposed to be there, what do you do? You go catch them!

low tide

How to Time the Tide Switch When Fishing

Making the most of the tide’s running-slack periods will up your game.

Boats, Kayaks, Engines and Electronics

Electronic charts

How to Get the Most Out of Your Electronic Charts

Eight map formats and how to use them to get the most out of your multifunction displays.

Pathfinder 2200 TRS

Pathfinder 2200 TRS

The 2200 TRS offers comfortable seating and lots of fishability.

Newport NT300 Tilted on Canoe

Intro to Electric Outboards

Advances in battery technology are making electric outboards a viable option for anglers.

Six Affordable Satellite Communications Devices

Today's devices are portable and affordable.

Pathfinder 2400 Open

Boat Test: Pathfinder 2400 Open

The 2400 Open is packed with fishing amenities.

Seakeepr Ride system

Testing the Seakeeper Ride System

Ride automatically smooths out bumps and keeps your boat on an even keel.


Fishing Travel for Women

underwater sailfish

Winter Kite Fishing off Miami

Warm up with hot action on sails, king mackerel, dolphin and blackfin tuna.

Fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing Costa Rica

World-class offshore fishing and amenities.

Fishing for redfish on Texas flats

Targeting Redfish in Texas

Your favorite style of fishing will catch red drum along the Lone Star coast this fall. Guaranteed.

Striper chasing mullet

East Coast Fall Mullet Run

Silver mullet on the East Coast trigger fast fishing.

Large seatrout

A New Big Seatrout Hotspot

North Carolina and Virginia are producing surprising numbers of trophy trout.

Fishing trip to a far-flung destination

The Beauty of Fishing Trips

The best travel stories are the hardest ones to earn.

Seafood Recipes & Boat Drinks

Tito’s Tart Tumeric Cocktail Recipe

A delicious turmeric-based cocktail.

Steamed Clams Over Embers

Steamed Clams Over Embers Recipe

Tender clams, white wine and fennel highlight this one.

Whoo Dat‘s Jacked-Up Oysters Recipe

This original take on baked oysters is a winner.

A plate of pan-seared scallops next to seared fennel

Pan-Seared Scallops with Cumin and Roasted Fennel Recipe

A seafood taste sensation that's also easy to prepare.

Swordfish recipe

Block Island Swordfish Mango Tango

Pineapple and mango bring a Caribbean flair to this one.

A small glass of spicy mojito cocktail

Spicy Mojito Cocktail Recipe

A tantalizing tingler for your taste buds.