Women Fishing

Gear, tactics, travel and more from the female angler’s perspective.

Fly fishing holds a certain level of mystery and beauty for many anglers. For women, it seems to be a popular entry point into the sport.  

Executive Editor Chris Woodward and guests Polly Dean, co-founder of OntheFlySouth.com, and Lori Ann Murphy, who operates Reel Belize guide service, talk about the whys and hows of targeting fish on fly, and tell stories about their favorite catches. Lori Ann even talks about teaching Martha Stewart to fly fish.

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Welcome to a page dedicated to women anglers, curated by our female executive editor, Chris Woodward. Chris grew up fishing in Florida, and has spent the last 30 years as an outdoors editor. In her experience, fishing offers more than just a tale and some bragging rights. It brings with it — particularly for women — feelings of appreciation and a deeper connection to others and to the natural world.

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Women's Fishing Apparel and Gear

Bajio Palometa and Cometa

Holiday Gift Guide for Anglers

Seasonal presents for all, including hers-and-his gear.

Simms Santee Flannel Shirt

October Women’s Fishing Apparel

Warm outdoor gear for fall fishing.

AFTCO Field Shorts

September Women’s Fishing Apparel

Late summer, early fall gear from deck shoes and sunglasses to long-sleeve tops and jackets.

Tackle and Gear

Shimano Tranx

The Best Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

Put down your spinning reel and pick up a saltwater baitcaster.

AFTCO Digger

New Saltwater Lures for 2022

This year’s crop of artificials will take everything from bottomfish to pelagics.

Topwater lure types

Topwater Lures: Wake, Pop or Walk

Surface lures make for an exciting time.

Soft Steel Instinct Fluorocarbon

How Often Should You Replace Your Fishing Line?

Nobody wants to lose a fish because their main line failed.

Popping corks

Choose the Right Popping Cork

Find out which popping corks the experts recommend.

Baitcaster combo

Why Baitcasters are Better Than Spinning Reels

Put down the spinning reel and pick up a baitcaster on your next fishing trip.


Women in the Sport

Jennifer Zuppe with blackfin

Massive Blackfish Smashes Record

The giant tautog will likely enter the IGFA books as one of only four over 20 pounds.

Woman with billfish

Giant Recent Increase in Female Anglers

Women now account for 37 percent of anglers in the U.S.—the highest level on record.

Heather Maxwell and her horse

Meet Heather Maxwell

Tournament director, fisherman and equestrian.

Women's record yellowtail

A Yellowtail World Record

IGFA 12-pound line class woman’s record held for 34 years is smashed by a 36-pound, 10-ounce giant of a California yellowtail.

Allison Reis dream career

Choose Your Next Career

Four industry professionals tell us their dream jobs.

Laura Jessen casting

Laura Jessen Dominates Los Sueños Ladies Only Series

Reflections of one woman's tournament triumph and what she learned from it.

How To

Soft plastic

How to Fish with Soft Plastics in Saltwater

Soft plastic lures catch saltwater fish inshore and offshore.

How to Improve Your Trolling and Catch More Fish

Here’s why running-and-gunning might be hurting more than your wallet.

Flounder caught in Cedar Key

Summer and Southern Flounder Fishing Tips

Top tactics for targeting both both summer and southern flounder species.

Improved clinch knot

How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot

Learn how to tie the improved clinch knot in this first-person walkthrough.

Tarpon after being caught

Fish CPR

Learn how to practice proper catch and release.

Women anglers on a boat

Three Tips for Casting in the Wind

Use these trick shots when the wind is up.

Boats, Kayaks, Engines and Electronics

Center-console offshore

Field Guide to Fishing Boats

Know the different types of fishing boats and their key features.

Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless

Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless

The 280 Dauntless is a versatile fishing machine.

Grady-White Adventure 218

Grady-White Adventure 218

The Adventure 218 blends comfort with many fishing features.

Kayak and SUP for fishing

Entry-Level Paddlecraft

Kayaks and SUPs are perfect for fishing skinny water.

Fishing boat targeting nearshore break

Use Satellite Data to Catch More Fish

Satellite data saves you time and fuel getting to productive water.

Stingray 273CC

Loaded with standard features and able to fish just about anywhere.


Fishing Travel for Women

Shoal bass on the Flint River

Floating the Flint River for Shoal Bass

Shoal bass are a feisty target for anglers on the Flint River.

Releasing a sailfish

Best in Class from Ladies Only Guatemala

Fishing skills and friendships forged in an incredible experience.

Sailfish spots

The World’s Best Sailfish Spots

A lucky-13 list of the world’s best destinations in three oceans to go sailfishing for the world’s most glamorous blue-water game fish.

Invincible 37 Cat fishing in the Bahamas

Favorite Fishing Destinations in the Bahamas

We asked four captains for their top picks.

Seatrout chasing lure

Top Texas Trophy Trout Waters

Four trophy-trout fishing spots you should target in Texas.

Women angler holding up a fish

Costa Rica Girlfriend Fishing Getaway

Crocodile Bay offers women’s fishing experience blending adventure, luxury and leisure.

Seafood Recipes & Boat Drinks

Grilled Pheasant Quesadilla

Grilled Pheasant Quesadilla Recipe

A tasty way to use game birds.

Tito’s Mythical Martini Drink Recipe

Who doesn't love a classic cocktail?

Sashimi plate

How to Create the Perfect Sashimi Plate

Lessons for mastering this polished culinary delight.

Dockside restaurant

Gulf Coast Watering Holes

Waterfront joints to hit after a day of fishing.

Recipe: Tripletail Crudo

The preparation of tripletail makes for a light and refreshing meal.

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