Saltwater Fishing Boats

Check out the latest saltwater fishing boat reviews, and get tips for how to properly maintain them.

Looking for info on saltwater fishing boats? Check out our hundreds of boat reviews on Boston Whalers, Yellowfins, Grady-Whites and more. Read up on the latest outboard technology, research new gear and check out the latest tips for boat maintenance and handling.

Offshore Center Consoles

For hardcore bluewater fishing, nothing beats center console boats: They offer 360 degrees of fishability, and most come with every detail and aspect an angler could want from rod storage to livewells and from aggressive speed to security and stability. Depending upon where you fish, the best center console fishing boats could measure 26 feet and under. For longer runs and bigger water, slightly bigger boats and even those 30 feet and over might better fit your bill.


Bay Boats

Bay boats are the next step up from a flats boat. Bay boats draw more water than flats boats, but make up for it with many other appealing characteristics — features like a larger platform for fishing, plus more horsepower, deck space and storage. Bay boats handle rough water conditions better than flats boats, often built with modified vee-hulls for a smoother ride. Check out the many new bay boats available on today’s market.  

Boat Engines and Gear

Among the most fun aspects of buying a boat is equipping it with all the cool new gear available. Fishing boat gear runs the gamut from marine accessories such as outriggers, extra rod holders and anchors to safety kits and personal equipment such as rod holders and fighting harnesses. Anglers who have owned boats for a longer period of time eventually want to repower with new outboard motors, featuring the latest and greatest technology for dependability, speed and connectivity.


Boat Maintenance, Tips and Handling

Whether you’re new to boating or a sea-seasoned captain, you’ll always be interested in easy boat projects and tips such as creating checklists for boat maintenance. The more you use your boat, the better you’ll be at boat handling. But our experts can help you more safely navigate inlets, run rough seas, save on fuel, skim shallow waters, dock easily, and tie up like a pro.