Women in Fishing #21

Women in Fishing Podcast #21

This month's podcast features Ellen Peel, president of The Billfish Foundation, chatting about the successes and challenges surrounding these fisheries.

boating in wavy conditions

Angle of Attack

In rough seas, safety and comfort can hinge on the angle in which you cross the waves.

Tarpon caught in Belize

The Beauty of Belize

This Central American hotspot has some of the best flats fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon.

Large alligator gar

Massive Gar Smashes Record

A seasoned record hunter works his way into the books yet again, beating his previous best with massive 283-pound alligator gar that will be the new world record if approved.


Fishing Boats

Scout 330 LXF running shot

Saltwater Fishing Boats

Saltwater Fishing Boats Check out the latest saltwater fishing boat reviews, and get tips for how to properly maintain them. Looking for info on saltwater


Fishing Videos


Fishing Destinations

Learn more about the top fishing destinations every angler should know. Our fishing guide experts share tips and discuss their best fishing trips from around the world. If you’re looking to plan a fishing excursion, but don’t want the hassle of booking everything yourself, check out our fishing packages with Sportfishing Expeditions or Marlin Expeditions, where you will fish alongside local captains and professional anglers for an unforgettable, personalized fishing experience.