Blue Marlin

Consensus of experts: The blue marlin is the greatest game fish in the world.


Makaira nigricans

What’s the greatest game fish of all species in the entire world? The blue marlin. 

That’s how the numbers added up in the definitive listing of the World’s Top 100 Game Fish, where blue marlin came out on top, as the number one game fish. Click the image just below to find out more.

Blue Marlin Fishing Tips

Many anglers — and even those who don’t pursue the sport — recognize the blue marlin as fishing’s greatest challenge and thrill, particularly when considering that behemoths weighing many hundreds of pounds are far from rare. Seeing such monsters hurtle up and clear of the water is an experience unforgettable. Blues are sought and caught in warm oceans around the world. Often, enthusiasts hope for the ultimate catch: a grander (a blue marlin weighing at least 1,000 pounds).

The IGFA maintains separate categories for Atlantic and Pacific all-tackle world records (though it’s one species). The world-record blue in the Atlantic: 1,402 pounds, 2 ounces, from Vitoria, Brazil, in 1992. From the Pacific: 1376 pounds from Kona, Hawaii, in 1982.  

Blue Marlin Fishing — Science and Conservation