Historic Fishing Stunt: Shark Caught from Blimp

1934 Footage Resurrected by Smithsonian

Blimp shark

Blimp shark


In a blog posted Wednesday by GrindTV, the author shares a rare video of a shark being caught from the Goodyear Tires blimp in 1934 near Fisher Island, Florida (see video footage below). The blog goes on to say that the footage comes from Smithsonian.com and made its list of the 10 Most Popular Videos of 2012.

The blogger also mentions that this kind of fishing would not be considered ethical today. The footage shows the shark skipping over the water before being hoisted to the blimp’s cockpit, with further imagery shown on the ground when the shark was hung up for display. No footage is shown of the angler in the cockpit fighting the fish.