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Skinny Water 60 presented by Costa

Anglers always can find skinny-water fishing prospects to suit their skills and budget, whether that’s stalking bonefish on the flats, targeting stripers on a rip, or tossing a cork toward a trout. Wade, walk, paddle, or motor to the numerous honey holes dotting our coastal seascape and test your talents against the ever-changing tidal environment. Inshore is always an adventure.

Sport Fishing Yamaha Skiff

Inshore Powerhouse

Inshore Powerhouse Best picks from backwater to big water Whether you run a tiny skiff or a sprawling 27-foot bay boat, your inshore fishing experience

Angler poling the flats

The Costa Skinny Report

Costa is committed to producing high-quality sunglasses and protecting the environment in which we wear them.

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Sport Fishing Roundtable with Yamaha

Time-tested flats pros like Capt. Rick Murphy rig and run their boats for optimal shallow-water performance. Learn how Murphy gets to the fish precisely and quietly with his Yamaha-powered 17-foot poling skiff.

Southern Brotherhood

Take a trip into the bountiful flats and nearshore waters of Charleston, South Carolina, to hunt redfish, tripletail and cobia with Redfin Charters.

Cape Cod is the perfect spot to battle striped bass.

Stars & Stripers

Arguably the most historic fishery in the United States, Cape Cod is ever-evolving, and anglers are constantly changing their strategies to adapt. On this trip, Captain Jamie Simmons battles the Cape's unofficial mascot: the striped bass.