Force® Kraken Trolling Motor

Garmin brushless design brings power and precision to your fishing.

Combining cutting-edge electronics with 100 lbs. of thrust, Force Kraken is the most powerful trolling motor on today’s boating market (in compliance with ISO standard 13342). It features a pivot-style mount, comes in black or white color versions and is available in 63”, 75” and 90” shaft lengths to accommodate most popular boat hull configurations.

On your boat, the Garmin trolling motor can easily be steered from bow or stern with its included remote while it gives you the power you need for solid maneuverability in high winds or strong currents. Plus, it offers the run-time efficiency to let you stay out on the water longer. Multi-band GPS technology provides the most precise Garmin anchor lock technology ever — to keep your boat right where you want it when you find that perfect fishing spot. What’s more, wireless integration with Garmin chartplotters lets you create routes, patterns and tracks for the motor to follow automatically. You can even wirelessly connect your compatible Garmin smartwatch to control steering, anchor lock and more, right from your wrist. 

Force Kraken trolling motor being used

The Force Kraken trolling motor: Unmatched power and precision for serious anglers.

LiveScope™ sonar from Garmin (sold separately) is easy to add, thanks to the ability to run the cable through the trolling motor shaft. This sturdy composite shaft and all the motor’s components are built to endure harsh marine environments — and it’s even saltwater-rated for advanced corrosion protection.

Skinny Water 99

Featured Models

Force Kraken trolling motor on a center console
Navigate with ease using Force Kraken's wireless remote control and GPS technology.

With a Force Kraken trolling motor onboard, you’ll have the power to maneuver in high winds or strong current — plus the most precise Garmin anchor lock technology yet.

Double Garmin screens at the helm
Seamlessly integrate Force Kraken with your Garmin chartplotter for automated fishing routes.

Unlock the mysteries of the deep with a Garmin GSD™ 28 deep-water scrolling sonar. View crisp, clear fish targets and get bottom returns faster via RapidReturn™ technology.

Garmin touchscreen showing depth
Force Kraken: Saltwater-rated durability meets cutting-edge electronics for superior fishing performance.

Wireless connectivity with select Garmin network chartplotters allows you to create routes, patterns and tracks for your Force Kraken trolling motor to follow automatically.

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