The Most Popular DIY Kayak Videos

Tips to help you upgrade your kayak.

We asked top kayak YouTuber Justin Lammers to name his two most successful DIY videos. After all, his handle is KayakDIY.

“The most successful DIY kayaking videos involve rigging up kayaks with the ultra-versatile Bixpy motors,” Lammers says. “Tons of anglers want motors on their kayaks, and Bixpy has made it the easiest to adapt its motor to a wide variety of kayak makes and models.

“The next-best DIY video would be the budget fishing-kayak conversion we did,” he says. “We showed how to install track mounts, rod holders and more. My wife and I used a $179 basic kayak and rigged it for fishing. I think this has a broad appeal. Many can’t afford an expensive fishing kayak, and this gets them into the sport—and hooked!”