Six Skinny Situations and How to Solve Them

Use clothes to your advantage on your next fishing trip.
PFG Solar Stream Elite Hoodie
PFG Solar Stream Elite Hoodie Courtesy Columbia

Blood, fish slime and baitfish scat clinging to your shirt. An aching back from standing on the bow of a skiff. The stew of sweat and sunblock from a baking sun. The heat draining your energy like a lithium battery. Wind, rain and cold can chase you back to the ramp. 

Feeling miserable on the water doesn’t make you want to stay on the water. Fortunately, Columbia PFG has solutions to the many elements anglers encounter. 

PFG Uncharted Long Sleeve
PFG Uncharted Long Sleeve Courtesy Columbia

Sweaty Conditions

Columbia PFG long sleeves are built for prolonged activities in ultra-hot conditions. And the latest option is the PFG Uncharted Long Sleeve for men and women. Here’s the tech you need to know: Omni-Shade and Omni-Wick. Omni-Shade provides UPF 40 sun protection for your skin, while Omni-Wick pulls the sweat away from your arms for a refreshing feel. Stop slathering on the sunblock and trade it in for long sleeves to feel more comfortable. 

Blood Stains

You just gaffed an energetic king mackerel while fishing nearshore. Here comes the blood. Columbia PFG has tech to block it from staining your shorts. Omni-Shield Blood ’N Guts flat-out protects against liquid stains. The Men’s Blood ’N Guts Stretch Shorts make quick work of a messy situation. Use a washdown hose to wipe off the blood, then dry out quickly. No need to pull out the bleach when you get home. 

PFG Uncharted Pants
PFG Uncharted Pants Courtesy Columbia

No Pockets

How is it possible some men’s and women’s fishing pants still don’t have pockets? The Columbia PFG Uncharted Pants have your ass covered. There’s hand pockets, plus a zippered back pocket, drop-in pocket and side-seam zippered phone pocket. Spread the wealth. All those pockets will get filled. And you can’t have stuff falling out of your pockets in the water while leadering or releasing a fish. There’s no faster way to anger a boater. Bonus points: These pants have elasticity. Don’t ask us how, but anglers start fat in the morning and slim down throughout the fishing day.

PFG Elite 3D Stretch Snap Back
PFG Elite 3D Stretch Snap Back Courtesy Columbia

Sunburned Skin

Anglers should wear hooded shirts all year, even in the hottest summer months. Here’s why: to protect your skin! Dermatologists often remove basal cell carcinoma from the head, ears and neck. Those are the problem areas that need to be covered. The PFG Solar Stream Elite Hoodie incorporates Omni-Shade Broad Spectrum Air Flow UPF 50 sun protection into its fabric, plus has a crossover hood that even Floridians can wear with its breathability. Flip it on and off throughout the day. Other perks of the hoodie: a zippered security pocket and sunglasses cleaning patch.

Castback TC PFG
Castback TC PFG Courtesy Columbia

Going Barefoot

Some anglers prefer sandals on the boat. They must have bulletproof feet. For the rest of us guys and gals, we need a boat shoe that absorbs the stress we experience on the water. We also need footwear that dries quickly, provides protection, and grips a wet boat deck. Columbia’s Castback TC PFG comes to the rescue with its Omni-Max Plus system. An engineered TECHLITE+ midsole cradles the heel for optimal balance, while grippy sipings on the rubber outsole hold tight to fiberglass. Taking your shoes on and off? A collapsible heel makes it easy.

A Better Fit

You’ve probably noticed more women fishing these days. Thankfully, ladies no longer need to struggle to find quality fishing clothes that fit. Columbia PFG is a leader when it comes to designing women’s apparel, and serious anglers such as Capt. Gabby Barnes, of Destin, Florida, noticed. The PFG Uncharted Shorts, with a 4-inch inseam, utilize Omni-Shade Broad Spectrum UPF 50 sun protection, plus Omni-Wick to lift moisture to the fabric’s surface away from skin. Functionality is still crucial, and they offer an elastic waistband, drop-in pocket and side zipper pocket.