Top Topwater Lures for Inshore Fishing

Three baits that will fire up fish in the backwater.
Topwater lures for inshore fishing
Fishing topwater lures in the backwater can be an exciting experience. Jon Whittle

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a striped bass explode from within the tight confines of a tidal creek, shattering the tranquility as they pounce upon the bait you’re dragging across the water’s surface. Depending on where you fish, you might encounter big surface strikes in the backwater from the likes of snook, redfish, bluefish, seatrout or jacks. Here are some of the best baits to get them fired up.

Mirrolures were developed in Florida, but their fish-tempting abilities have made them a favorite of anglers throughout the United States and beyond. The Top Dog has an alluring walk-the-dog action that coaxes even reluctant fish to the top, and the built-in rattle rings the dinner bell from long distances.

The cupped face on Yo-Zuri’s 3D Inshore Popper throws plenty of water to elicit strikes from shallow-water gamefish holding over grass flats, shellfish beds, or in the back bay. The internal hologram sheet and 3D-prism finish provide the flash needed for fish to home in on the bait even in stained or off-color water.

Berkley’s Choppo Saltwater disturbs the peace with the large prop on the tail section of the bait churning up the water’s surface even when worked slowly. The violent action is sure to evoke reaction strikes from even neutral fish, who will want to get rid of the offender at any cost.