Garmin Panoptix LiveScope On-Water Demo

The latest in live sonar from Garmin shows anglers real-time information ahead of and below the boat.

Video by Chris Balogh

At the 2018 ICAST fishing tackle trade show, held July 10-13 in Orlando, Garmin hosted an on-water demo session for marine media to showcase the company's new Panoptix LiveScope sonar technology. The demo occurred on a lake, and this video is hosted by bass pro Scott Martin, but the ramifications are the same for inshore saltwater anglers.

LiveScope offers a live, real-time look at what is ahead of and beneath the boat. The transducer can be mounted on a trolling motor for forward and down views, or on the transom for downward-looking views. The LiveScope technology improves on Garmin's initial Panoptix sonar by combining the live technology with scanning technology for clearer pictures of fish, bait and bottom structure.

The sonar beam measures about 20 degrees forward and more than 130 degrees fore and aft. With the transducer on the trolling motor, anglers can literally follow fish by turning the motor handle. LiveScope is available now and costs $1,499.99.