Garmin Introduces New Live Scanning Sonar

Panoptix LiveScope shows anglers what's ahead and below the boat in high-resolution video.

When Garmin debuted Panoptix all-seeing sonar in 2015, that product was the first to offer real-time, live sonar returns for recreational anglers. Panoptix provided forward, backward, sideways and down-looking views, even while the boat was stationary.

This week's announcement of LiveScope ups the game by taking scanning, or imaging, sonar and combining it with Panoptix' live capability. "By combining two game-changing innovations, Panoptix LiveScope delivers the best of both technologies and there's nothing out there even close to it," says Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. "Once you’ve seen fish in this level of detail in a live, real-time image on your chartplotter, all other sonar is history — literally.”

Left, LiveScope's trolling-motor-mount transducer. Center, the LiveScope module. Right, LiveScope's transom-mount transducer.Courtesy of Garmin

LiveScope Down and LiveScope Forward modes are combined into one transducer that can be installed on a trolling motor or on the transom (recommended only for LiveScope Forward). Point the transducer downward to see directly below the boat or forward to see around the boat.

LiveScope delivers real-time scanning sonar images up to 200 feet down or away from the boat, Garmin says. The unit comes with an attitude heading reference system that compensates for heaving in rough conditions.

The Panoptix LiveScope system includes a GLS 10 sonar black box, an LVS32 transducer and a plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for integration with compatible Garmin chartplotters, including five GPSMAP series and the ECHOMAP Plus 7Xcv/7Xsv/9Xsv combo series. Prices start at $1,499.99.