Key West Variety

Inshore and offshore action with the latest tackle from Fin-Nor and Quantum.

February 11, 2013
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I’d been wanting to fish with this guy for quite some time and managed to do just that not long ago in his home waters of Key West, Florida. His name is Capt. Chris Trosset, son of the legendary Robert “RT” Trosset, and quite an excellent seaman in his own right. Chris and I fished during January’s “In The Keys” outing, hosted by Fin-Nor/Quantum/Zebco. Our goal was to…. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_02.jpg
…put a few of their new products, such as this Quantum Boca 80 combo to the test on some of the local game-fish attractions. But first, we needed to… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_03.jpg
… get bait. Chris tosses the net over a shallow flat, and soon… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_04.jpg
…the livewell is filled to the brim with frisky pilchards, a staple baitfish here in Key West. We also rounded up a few… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_05.jpg
…ballyhoos, which are plentiful on the Key West flats in wintertime. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_06.jpg
Before we left the bait grounds, a familiar face swung by – it was Chris’ dad, and the two chatted about the day’s strategy. It was very windy out, but we figured we’d head to some deep structure to see what might be around. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_07.jpg
After a lengthy run, Chris puts down the anchor in 150 feet of water, and then… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_08.jpg
….begins to spice the area with some fresh, lively pilchards. I was really impressed with Chris’ work ethic on the water. Apparently, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree – and before long… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_09.jpg
….the chummed baits began to congregate in the open waters, which surely would attract some predators. Just then, Chris’ rod… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_10.jpg
….doubled over! We were hooked up! Mike Mazur
zebco outing_11.jpg
Something caught Chris’ attention as he was fighting his fish. About a hundred yards out… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_12.jpg
….a group of fish were slamming into our chummed pilchards. They looked like tunas of some sort, and soon we learned that they were…. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_13.jpg
….false albacores, one of the prettiest and hardest pulling fish in the sea. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_14.jpg
Soon, my rod was hit and I held on as the fish put my light Quantum Cabo 40 outfit to the test. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_15.jpg
Mission accomplished – another pretty false albacore is boatside. We’d go on to catch a dozen more in no time flat. They were a blast on the light spinners, which performed flawlessly, but soon… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_16.jpg
…we pointed the boat to shallower waters to try for something different. We anchored up on a rock pile in about 25 feet of water and Chris started chumming. Then he began casting a Bomber Badonk-a-Donk plug over the rocks. It didn’t take long before… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_17.jpg
…a fish I’d never seen before crashed the plug. At first, I thought it was an amberjack, but… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_18.jpg
….as Chris held it out of the water for a couple snapshots, I realized it was instead a yellow jack, a beautiful species commonly found in the Keys. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_19.jpg
Chris gives us a closer look at the business end of a yellow jack, an excellent eating fish and a dogged fighter, as I would soon learn… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_20.jpg
….with a monster of my own, taken on a soon-to-be-released Fin-Nor Lethal 40 spinning reel! But then, we decided to have a little fun, catching some assorted reef fish on a… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_21.jpg
….Zebco 33 outfit (yes, the kind you probably grew up with)! This was the big fish of our day on the 33, a very nice cero mackerel in the neighborhood of 6 or 7 pounds. I must say, the 33 handled it just fine, and the fish served as a nice way to wrap up the day with Chris. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_22.jpg
The following morning found me in another boat with this guy, Capt. Rich Tudor, of The Saltwater Experience television series. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_23.jpg
Before we could even get out of Key West harbor, several birds caught our attention. We watched them closely, then saw quite a few diving… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_24.jpg
…amidst the sail boats in very shallow water. Fish were busting bait, as well, so we ran over to investigate. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_25.jpg
Plugs were thrown on ultra-light Quantum Smoke outfits and retrieved quickly, then BANG….. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_26.jpg
….Rich was tight! Mike Mazur
zebco outing_27.jpg
He wasn’t the only one hooked up, either. John Kushnerick, Quantum’s marketing director, was also in the boat with us that day, and he latched into a fish of his own that proceeded to… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_28.jpg
….tear up the surface around the bow of Tudor’s Yellowfin 24 Bay. But what were these fish? Mike Mazur
zebco outing_29.jpg
Big jack crevalle, that’s what! These bruisers may not be the most prized of species in the Keys, but they pull like the dickens and are incredibly fun when in the shallows like we found them that morning. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_30.jpg
Here was another fish – they really are a good-looking species, with big, bulging eyes and wide, silvery flanks that make them very tough battlers. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_31.jpg
These jacks were feeding on ballyhoos this morning in Key West harbor, spraying the baits everywhere on the flats, and we caught them by the bushels on light gear and Live Target plugs. It was a memorable morning. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_32.jpg
As the day progressed, the wind picked up to a near-gale and the fishing grew tougher. The water on the flats became clouded so we started fishing for sharks in the channels. A fish picked up one of our baits, but it was no shark. Instead, it was a… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_33.jpg
….very nice bluefish, in the 4- to 5-pound range. We let it go and resumed our shark fishing, drifting slabs of bait and chumming at the same time. Just then… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_34.jpg
…John’s rod was hit. It was definitely something much larger, a big shark we figured, and he strained against its weight in the current. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_35.jpg
The fish finally surfaced and we realized it was no shark! At a distance, it appeared to be a big goliath grouper and John put the pressure on with the Quantum Cabo 60 reel. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_36.jpg
No doubt, he had a big goliath, and he pulled hard to turn its head towards Rich. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_37.jpg
Tudor grabs the leader and gingerly pulls on the goliath. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_38.jpg
There! Rich finally managed to turn his head, and he guides the 200-plus-pounder to the side of the boat, where he… Mike Mazur
zebco outing_39.jpg
…finally gets a hand on its massive head. John leans over to take a look at his catch, a great accomplishment on the spinner. Mike Mazur
zebco outing_40.jpg
Mr. Goliath had about had it, and he shook his giant head one last time, pulled the hook free and swam back down to the bottom. The day was over and we were all pooped and happy with the results. We hadn’t found any sharks, but the new gear performed admirably against some of Key West’s toughest battlers. Mike Mazur

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