Pro Line 25 Sport Review

Surprisingly, this 25 has more rod storage than many larger boats, with room for 18 sticks throughout the boat.

July 15, 2003
Pro-Line 25 Sport boat_03

Pro-Line 25 Sport boat_03

The job of a large production-boat company is tosell as many boats as it can. But human nature dictates that tastesdiffer. What’s a builder to do? Build a few boat models, trying tomake each appeal to a broad market spectrum? Some companies do, butthat kind of compromise usually makes nobody happy. Pro-Line foundan answer: make a greater number of models, but dedicate each boatto a specific function. The Pro-Line 25 Sport qualifies as adedicated fishing platform, but with certain creature comforts evenhard-core anglers will appreciate.

Admittedly, I haven’t run an EFI engine for quite a while. TheMercury 250-hp Saltwater EFI outboard on the transom performedperfectly well, but being terribly spoiled by DFIs andfour-strokes, I’d just as soon stick to new technology. With thatsaid, EFIs have muscle. At 5,500 rpm, the Merc pushed around a veryheavy load of people, gear, ice, food and tackle at 44mph.

We spent most of our foggy test day cruisingoffshore of the Florida Keys at 35 mph turning 4,200 rpm. Withgentle northeast winds at 10 knots generating 2-foot seas, nothingwe encountered offered the 25 Sport much of a challenge. Itremained bone dry and smooth running despite my best efforts tobeat it up. Turn the wheel hard over and this boat grabs the water.Everybody aboard had better be prepared and holding on if youchoose such radical maneuvers.


The 25 Sport can alter course by 180 degrees injust about two boatlengths. Drift-fishing over patch reefs, I foundthat in a beam sea, the roll moment is surprisingly quick, but onlybecause the boat doesn’t roll very far.

The 25 Sport includes all the standard-equipment fishing featuresyou’d expect, such as a leaning post (ours had an optional livewellmodule), a fish box under the foldaway transom seat, room for threerods under each gunwale, two rod holders in each gunwale and atackle-box storage locker. Surprisingly, this 25 has more rodstorage than many larger boats, with room for 18 sticks throughoutthe boat. Live-baiting at the edge of the Gulf Stream, I found thatthe 25 Sport steers down-current beautifully with the engine off.It’s an ideal way to go really slow.

Fighting fish around the perimeter of the boatwith tackle in hand posed no particular problem, though I think the25 could use a tad more room on the walkways outboard of theconsole. But then, I’m biggie-sized. Many offshore anglers muchprefer a solid transom to help keep following seas out of thecockpit. The Pro-Line 25 Sport doesn’t have the typical Euro-styletransom that many other Pro-Lines currently do. Rather, this boathas a powder-coated, bolt-on engine bracket, providing the setbackfor performance while giving you room to climb out to work a fish.To its credit, Pro-Line even affixes a ladder to the bracket thatcan be deployed from the water.


Design and Construction
Pro-Line wants and expects its boats to be durable. To that end,the company combines hand-laid knitted fiberglass and polyesterresin in the laminate with its own proprietary blend of MaxGuardgelcoat, which contains titanium dioxide for maximum prevention ofyellowing or chalking. Add to that the company’s signature F.I.S.T.stringer system (Fiberglass Integrated Structural Technology)consisting of high-density, high-compression Divinycell foam coringin the stringers, transom and hull compartments, and you begin tosee how Pro-Line can afford to offer a 10-year transferable hullwarranty.

Nothing’s worse than getting pelted in theforehead with raindrops while traveling 40 mph. The 25’s newlydesigned clear Plexiglas windshield extends all the way to justabove the overhead instrument box for full protection. Your wiringis well protected, too. Pro-Line uses all marine-grade connectorswith heat-shrink tubing and then sprays the connections with ananticorrosion sealant. You’ll find voluminous storage compartmentsthroughout the 25 Sport, as well as expensive collapsible hinges onevery hatch and compartment lid.

About the only change I’d like to see concernsthe anchor locker. Currently, a hatch in the forward bulwarkprovides the only access to the anchor, chain and rode. There’s nocutout for the rode to exit while you’re anchored. Pro-Line shouldeither make a cutout so you can close the anchor locker hatch whenanchored or provide a hawsehole on the foredeck for the rode topass through and leave the anchor on a roller on the bow. SincePro-Line is as responsive to me as it is to its owners, I’m certainyou’ll see this change implemented soon if it hasn’t beenalready.


Notable Standard Equipment

  • Low-profile bow rail
  • Transducer-mounting flats
  • Leaning post with baitwell
  • Cockpit toe rails
  • Three fish boxes
  • Electric marine head

LOA: 25 ft. 5 in.
BEAM: 8 ft. 6 in.
DRAFT: 1 ft. 2 in.
DEADRISE: 19 degrees
WEIGHT: 3,600 LB. (w/o power)

This 25 represents a more fishing-oriented center console thanPro-Line has built in some time. It provides hardcore fishingamenities and good offshore performance without sacrificing the fewcreature comforts needed to keep Mom and the kids happy.


Engine Specifications
Mercury 250-hp Saltwater EFI
TYPE 60-degree V-6
DISPL. 185 cid
MAX RPM 5,800
WEIGHT 477 lb.
ALT. OUTPUT 60 amps
MSRP $14,245

This 250’s noisier, dirtier and lessfuel-efficient than direct-injection or four-stroke power, but it’shard to imagine the new technology ever providing thepin-you-to-the-seat guts this EFI exhibits.

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