Huge Shark Attacks Another Shark Next to Boat

Yeah, maybe it was set up but watching the power of a huge white shark munching a hapless blue is a pretty awesome visual!

May 22, 2012

We’ve seen it before, but still — it’s hard to turn away from the fascination of watching the most incredible set of choppers on the planet devour a large animal. And so it is again, with dramatic footage shot last year but just recently surfacing on Youtube showing anglers feeding a blue shark to a big white (said to be more than 18 feet) next to their small boat off the Australian coast.


I was amused to read the report on that says, “The shocked fisherman [sic] watched on as the great white proceeeded to devour the smaller shark which had latched on to the fishermen’s line.” Wrong. Apparently that was written either by a reporter who has no possible clue what fishing is about or was trying to heighten the drama. These guys got the footage they were after — no shock there — since they aren’t “reeling in” a blue shark when a white nailed it; rather, they are clearly teasing up the white with the smaller shark, having secured a rope around its tail and holding on as the shark munches it. It does make for some fantastic video, of course — just not quite as represented.


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