Z-Man HeroZ Soft-Plastic Jerkbaits

ElaZtech baits pair with HeadlockZ HD jigs.

The 10X-tough HeroZ soft-plastic jerkbait features Z-Man's ­tear-resistant ElaZtech construction. Extremely buoyant, the 10-inch bait can be fished from top to bottom in the water column. Paired with an 8/0 HeadlockZ HD jig head, the jerkbait can be cast, trolled or jigged for species like cobia, grouper, tarpon, tuna and kingfish. HeroZ comes in nine colors, including nuked pilchard glow, pearl and green lantern (pictured in chartreuse silver). A pack of three costs $11.99.

Z-Man HeroZ soft-plastic jerkbaitsCourtesy of Z-Man