Simrad NSO evo3S Glass-Bridge Display

New unit for large sport-fishers delivers greater speed and smoother transitions.

Simrad’s NSO evo3S is a glass-bridge display designed for larger vessels.Simrad

Simrad’s new NSO evo3S glass-bridge display for large sport-fishers delivers faster page loading, smoother transitions with a new six-core processor, multitasking for a six-way screen split, and an ultra-bright wide view. Available in 16-, 19-, and 24-inch models, the evo3S can be purchased as a system pack (display, GPS, remote keypad and accessories) or as a standalone touchscreen display. For multidisplay systems, Simrad offers the evo3S Marine Processor, a black-box solution containing two six-core processors that networks with a wide range of Simrad and third-party accessories. Prices range from $4,499 to $11,699.