New Gear: The Siren Connected Boat App

Siren’s Connected Boat app now integrates seamlessly with Yamaha outboards for easier boating.
Siren Boat Mobile App
Siren Marine’s new Connected Boat mobile app grants anglers the ability to monitor their boat location, security and vital signs remotely. Plus, it integrates with Yamaha’s Command Link Plus. Courtesy Yamaha

Today’s revolutionary technology, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT), has granted anglers the ability to monitor their boat location, security and vital signs remotely via a mobile app. Now, Siren Marine is making that experience even better with the newly upgraded Siren Connected Boat mobile app featuring integration with Yamaha outboards.

Features of the new app include real-time vessel security, multiple and flexible boat-monitoring and tracking functions, as well as conveniences such as remote digital switching for control of onboard systems from a smartphone or smart watch virtually anywhere in the world.

Yamaha Integration

Yet, the biggest news lies in the Siren app’s integration with Yamaha’s Command Link Plus. It enables the app to automatically remind boating anglers and their preferred dealers about scheduled maintenance requirements and due dates based on actual engine use, as well as maintenance records as updated by either the servicing dealer or the DIY boater.

Boat dealers have the ability to install Siren 3 Pro devices at their dealerships. What’s more, some boatbuilders now offer Siren 3 Pro as standard equipment on select boats. The builders include Grady-White, Regulator Marine and Skeeter.

Cellular or Satellite Connection

Siren 3 Pro is the third-generation remote boat-monitoring and telematics platform that operates over a global 4G/5G LTE cellular network with the option to add SirenSat (an offshore antenna) for customers that leave cellular coverage. Options for monitor sensors include wired and wireless, as well as connection to the NMEA 2000 network. There is also a new low-power mode that extends battery life during times when full functionality is not needed, such as during winter storage.

The new app is available now for download in the US. For boaters who already have a Siren Marine system, the app will update seamlessly on their mobile devices. The new app is free for basic service, but requires installation and activation of the Siren 3 Pro main device and cellular service. Siren 3 Pro system hardware starts at $797 with cellular plans as low as $18.75 per month.