Shakespeare AM/FM Antennas

New AM/FM antennas match popular VHF models.

Shakespeare has introduced three new AM/FM marine antennas, made of stainless steel to match popular VHF antenna styles 5415, 5215 and 5250. The Classic Style 4354 AM/FM antenna ($105.95) measures 2 feet long, features static protection, and incorporates a 19.5-foot cable with a solderless connector. It comes with an L-shaped mounting bracket. The Classic Style 4355 ($77.95) is a 36-inch whip with loading coil for AM/FM reception. It includes coax cable and an L mounting bracket. Style 4356 ($74.95) is a low-profile AM/FM whip that's 36 inches long. Its element is a sealed, tin-plated copper-wire coil. It's designed primarily for vessels with limited space.

Shakespeare AM/FM antennasCourtesy of Shakespeare Marine