Manta Racks L2K Kayak-Storage System

Kayaks take up a lot of space in your main boat, but this is an efficient solution.

The Manta Racks L2K kayak-storage system stows a kayak using the mothership’s gunwale rod holders.Courtesy Manta Racks

If you use your main fishing boat as a mothership to transport your fishing kayak to remote locations or paddle-only waters to fish, you know the problems associated with stowing and securing these paddle and pedal crafts inside the boat. They take up a lot of deck space and always seem to get in the way. One of the most ingenious solutions I have seen is Manta Racks' L2K system (about $600), which stows a kayak using the mothership's gunwale rod holders. Consisting of two cradle arms — one in each 30-degree rod holder — the L2K holds a kayak atop the gunwale. Straps on each cradle keep the kayak secure while underway. The cradles pivot and lock to suit the curvature of the boat hull and horizontal angle of the gunwale rod holders. The system also makes deployment easy.