Great White Shark Leaps Into Small Boat

A white shark nearly of 500 pounds jumped with no warning into a lone fisherman’s 15-foot boat off southeastern Australia

May 29, 2017
A great white shark erupts from the surface
White sharks are known to breach, particularly when chasing prey. But to randomly leap into a boat is unheard of. Almost. Chris & Monique Fallows /

With no hint of its presence in the flat-calm Pacific a half-mile or so off Australia’s Evans Head, north of Sydney, a great white shark nearly 500 pounds launched itself right into the small cockpit of Terry Selwood’s 15-foot outboard boat, this past weekend.

Great white shark jumped into small fishing boat
The length of the deck in Terry Selwood’s 15-foot boat, this great white joined the angler, uninvited. Courtesy Marine Rescue, NSW

The big shark came flying into the boat, smashing into the 73-year-old angler, fishing solo, and sending him sprawling onto the cockpit floor. Though he feared the shark’s pectoral fin had broken his arm, Selwood scrambled onto a gunwale as the frantic monster thrashed wildly, breaking gear.He then managed to reach Marine Rescue New South Wales, which initially expressed disbelief in his report. But when a Marine Rescue boat reached Selwood, they found the shark taking up most of the boat, and removed the bleeding fisherman.

Great white shark in small boat
The enraged shark smashed up whatever gear wasn’t bolted down inside the boat. Courtesy Marine Rescue, NSW

Selwood has been treated and released. In an interview with Australia Broadcasting, Selwood described the incident as a “one-in-a-million shot” and said he’s anxious to get back on the water.



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