Garmin Striker Plus Multifunction Displays

GPS, Quickdraw Contours and Wi-Fi added.

Easily mark your favorite fishing spots.Courtesy Garmin

Garmin's new Striker Plus series brings built-in GPS, Quickdraw Contours and Wi-Fi as upgrades to its current technology. The Plus models still offer chirp traditional and imaging sonar. Quickdraw Contours allows anglers to create and store their own 1-foot-contour fishing charts. The Wi-Fi capability allows users to tap into Garmin's ActiveCaptain mobile app, which facilitates the transfer of waypoints and routes to the unit. The high-sensitivity GPS receiver in the units gives anglers the option to easily mark favorite fishing spots. Available with 4.3-, 5-, 7- and 9-inch displays, Striker Plus units cost $139.99 to $699.99.