Garmin and SiriusXM Introduce Fish Mapping

New service for offshore anglers gives you all the satellite weather and ocean conditions you need, outside of cell range.

Fish Mapping provides all the satellite weather and ocean-condition data anglers need, outside of cell range.Garmin

Garmin and SiriusXM have partnered to provide a new Fish Mapping service for offshore anglers. With Garmin's GXM 54 satellite weather and audio receiver, and SiriusXM's data, anglers can see all their usual weather information, plus factors such as weed-line concentrations, sea-surface height anomalies, sea-surface temperature contours and front strength, subsurface sea temperatures, plankton concentration contours and front strength, and fishing recommendations. Most features are updated every six hours or every 24 hours, and the content is available well beyond cell range. The GXM 54 costs $799.99 and Fish Mapping requires a $99.99 per month subscription and a free software update.