Miami International Boat Show 2014 – A GoPro Perspective

The unique, super-wide lens of a GoPro captures still images with a big-picture point of view.

February 17, 2014
01 g0040055.jpg

Total Exposure: Yamaha’s 4.2 Liter Big Bore Four Stroke

Revolving in its glass housing, this hefty powerhead features plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders to power Yamaha’s 300-, 250 and 225-hp V-6 outboards. All images by Doug Olander
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Before the Deluge

Day One of the Miami International Boat Show,******** **in the morning **before the show official opened — soon after this, aisles and many exhibitors’ areas here in the convention center quickly became jammed with enthusiasts.This shows one small part of the convention center interior; the convention center itself is but a part of the overall show.
03 g0180106.jpg

Sleek, Slick and Ready for Big Bays and Beyond

Grady-White’s new Coastal 251 CE represents a first for the venerable manufacturer: its first-ever bay boat. The wealth of features and options such as a stand-up head or a recessed freshwater cockpit shower aren’t commonly available on bay boats,
04 g0160094.jpg

Ready for Some Serious Fishing

A view across the 47-square-foot cockpit looking forward at the massive tackle/rigging/helm station in Grady’s 251.
05 g0280135.jpg

SeaVee’s 430 Express

The shiny black hull of SeaVee’s new 43-footer looks ready to take on just about any seas it might encounter.
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Increasingly, boat manufacturers are working directly with electronic companies to integrate all components throughout from the ground up, as SeaVee is doing with Simrad.
07 g0480244.jpg


This quad of custom painted Yamaha 350s hang on the transom of a Hydra-Sports 4200, itself tricked out with an array of bright green lighting that attracted show-goers like hummingbirds to a feeder.
08 g0500252.jpg

Green’s the Theme for Hydra-Sports

Only a brilliant, emerald-green floatplane was missing in this line-up.
09 g0560288.jpg

Busy Place

Good deals and great insight from manufacturers kept traffic high in the electronics area during the show. Check out this page loaded with links to videos offering advice for buying marine electronics.
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Now See the World Around You — Beneath the Surface

Humminbird display emphasizes its top-of-the-line ONIX10 Si system, here showing a 360 imaging view.
11 g0330153.jpg

Comin’ At Ya

Everglades 243CC features an average deadrise of 31 degrees ending in 19 degrees at the transom, according to the manufacturer, who says it boasts the most serious of fishing features while retaining an “understated luxury” to appeal to families as well. everglades 243cc
12 g0450235.jpg

Color Coordination

Increasingly, boat shows are displaying outboards that match hull colors for a coordinated package that, like these Scout boats, look as good as they ride.
13 g0440229.jpg

Crowded Transom

Ever-larger outboard-powered boats meant triples and quads of big engines were ubiquitious at this year’s show.
14 g0430224.jpg

Where Deals Are Made

In the back of the Invincible exhibit, staff prepares for the onslaught of show visitors, including some inevitably who will want to sit and talk turkey on a new boat. Invincible Boats exhibit
15 g0400210.jpg

Never Too Many Rod Holders, Right?

Lots of anglers think that way and for them fishing-boat manufacturers like SeaVee accommodate and then some. This 430 Fish-Around has well over 50 rod holders around the boat.
16 g0420219.jpg

A Look Around the Fish-Around Console

It’s a long way from the foredeck to the highest level of the bridge on this SeaVee 430 and, from the GoPro‘s perspective, that looks even more distant.
17 g0380198.jpg

Getting High at the Boat Show

Even from the middle level of the SeaVee 430’s tower, it’s a long way down.
18 g0360192.jpg

View From a Tower

An amazing number of boats are crammed into the Miami Beach Convention Center, as this view of one corner shows.
19 g0620315.jpg

Answers to All Questions

Many who attend the boat show take advantage of experts in electronics booths, such as Furuno, to better understand the latest equipment in this constantly evolving industry.
20 g0090073.jpg

Small Armada

A small armada of Grady Whites.
21 g0690354.jpg

Albury Introduces a Serious Inshore Tower

With its new 23 Bay & Bluewater model, Albury Brothers has a sure winner for professionals and private anglers looking to optimize their sight-fishing advantage in inshore/nearshore waters.

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