Catchin’ Up with Maverick Boat Company

New and existing models featured at Florida media event

July 3, 2013
Cobia fishing was hot late last month, just off the beach in Stuart, Florida, during the Maverick Boat Company media event. Here, Sport Fishing‘s Scott Salyers (right) and Fly Fishing in Salt Water‘s Gary Jennings show off a couple of keeper fish, including an estimated 40-pounder — caught aboard a Cobia 296 CC, powered by twin Yamaha F300XBs. Maverick owns the Cobia, Pathfinder, Maverick and Hewes brands. Chris Woodward
The Cobia 296CC speeds offshore in a sloppy 2- to 4-foot sea with a helicopter and photographer in pursuit. Shooting these boats for the 2014 Maverick Boat Company brochures was one of the goals of the two-day media event, June 25-26, off Stuart, Florida. Marc Vaughn/Maverick Boat Company
A photo helicopter shadows a Cobia 256CC, to capture images for Maverick Boat Company‘s 2014 brochures, during a media event in Stuart, Florida, late last month. Courtesy Maverick Boat Company
Capt. Geoff Page pilots the new** Pathfinder** 2200 TE (completely new deck), powered by a Yamaha VF250LA, along the Intracoastal in Fort Pierce, Florida. The author, Editor Chris Woodward, is to his left. Woodward owns a 2007 version of this boat, powered by a Yamaha F150. Marc Vaughn/Maverick Boat Company
Maverick’s marketing director, Charlie Johnson, casts a fly from the deck of the new Maverick 17 HPX-V technical poling skiff, powered by a Yamaha F90LA. Chris Woodward
The author, left, fishes from the new Pathfinder 2200 TE in the Indian River north of Stuart, Florida. Courtesy Maverick Boat Company
Robert Schamblen from JL Marine (Power-Pole) fights a cobia from the foredeck of Pathfinder’s new 2600 HPS, powered by a Yamaha F300. Seas outside the mouth of the St. Lucie Inlet proved uncharacteristically sloppy late last month, but the 26-foot bay boat handled the seas like a bigger vessel. Chris Woodward
Capt. Eric T. Davis (left) of Vero Backcountry Fishing holds a legal cobia for Lenny Rudow from — the fish was one of five caught that morning aboard the Pathfinder 2600 HPS. Chris Woodward
Sport Fishing‘s Scott Salyers (far right) and Fly Fishing in Salt Water‘s Gary Jennings capture a double hookup on cobia aboard the Cobia 296CC off of Stuart, Florida, late last month. Chris Woodward
Capt. Mike Holliday swings another cobia aboard the Cobia 296CC for SF‘s Scott Salyers. Chris Woodward
Capt. Mike Holliday and FFSW‘s Gary Jennings admire another nice cobia caught just offshore of Stuart, Florida. Scott Salyers
Capt. Eric T. Davis gaffs a legal cobia for Salt Water Sportsman‘s Glenn Law aboard the Pathfinder 2600 HPS. Scott Salyers
Mixed among the keeper cobia during the** Maverick Boat Company** media event were smaller fish like this one, which was released to fight another day. Courtesy Maverick Boat Company

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