Metal Jigs for Tuna

Drop down for midwater schools.

Tuna in frenzies will chase down metal jigs. (Photo: Al McGlashan)Al Mcglashan
Shimano Butterfly hooks don’t attach directly to the jig to keep fighting fish from leveraging its weight.
Growing numbers of anglers are turning to quality spinning setups when jigging for yellowfin and bluefin. Don’t high-stick that rod! (Photo: Domenic Petrarca)Domenic Petrarca
Braid exemplifies a trend toward polyethylene lines by jig-fishermen. (Photo: Jack Sprengel)Capt. Jack Sprengel
Jigging for tuna isn’t rocket science, though many anglers have definitely experimented to figure out their favorite techniques. (Photo: Jack Sprengel)Capt. Jack Sprengel