Invincible 33 Open Fisherman Review

This top-line center-console takes you to fish with a ride that’s fast and smooth.

April 24, 2013
Invincible 33 Open Fisherman

Invincible 33 Open Fisherman

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: From unsurpassed fishing features to exquisite fit and finish, the sleek Invincible 33 Open Fisherman is dressed to impress. I was struck by the wide-open layout of this center-console that allowed me to easily move forward or aft, but my favorite spot was at the helm, as this thoroughbred begs to go fast.

TARGET MARKET: Invincible Boats caters to highly discriminating buyers, with each boat built to order. The smallest model in the Invincible fleet, the 33 rides on the company’s patented Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull. Twin steps introduce a cushion of air to smooth the ride, improve fuel efficiency and boost speed. Powered by a pair of Mercury 300 Verado outboards, my test boat achieved nearly 60 mph at top end. The boat lifted marvelously to adroitly span the rolling three-footers in the Atlantic off Miami Beach. It seems that the faster the 33 runs, the smoother it rides. In cornering, it stays on track without tripping or skipping. Maximum mpg was a pleasing 1.78 at 42.1 mph.

FISHIEST FEATURES: The 33 features two standard livewells, a 35-gallon tank in the transom and 50-gallon well below deck in the aft cockpit, and both are equipped with high-speed pickups. There are four insulated fish boxes — two massive lockers below the aft deck and another pair of voluminous lockers under the center of the forward deck. You can also order an insulated coffin box for the foredeck with electric rams to tilt it up from the base when you need to access the lockers below. A deep, built-in anchor locker in the forepeak will hold hundreds of feet of rode for anchoring on deep wrecks. At the helm, there’s ample room to flush-mount a pair of 12-inch, flat-panel multifunction displays on the 33-inch-wide dash area .


THE LAYOUT: “Room to roam” aptly describes the Invincible 33’s wide-open decks. Recessed bow rails and five retractable cleats keep the topside free of snags and impediments while castnetting and fishing. The forward deck is not elevated, thus eliminating trip points and increasing forward gunwale depths for greater safety. However, diminutive anglers might find it challenging to work a fish around the tall, flared bow. The forward opening to the console offers easy access to the helm rigging and makes it simpler to load helium tanks, large balloons and assembled kites used for sailfish and king mackerel.

FINAL IMPRESSIONS: In addition to testing this boat, I went to the factory to see for myself the quality of the construction, which includes a molded-grid stringer system that integrates the bulkheads and stringers into a virtually indestructible unit. What’s more, the rigging tubes are incorporated into the stringers for an immaculate look belowdecks. The 100 percent vinylester-resin hull should keep the 33 looking good for decades. If you seek the ultimate in center-console fishing machines, the Invincible 33 Open Fisherman certainly deserves a spot on your short list.



LOA: 32 ft. 10 in.

BEAM: 9 ft. 7 in.

DRAFT: 1 ft. 2 in.


DEADRISE: 22 deg.

WEIGHT: 8,100 lb. (w/ power)

FUEL: 320 gal.


MAX. POWER: 900 hp OB


TYPE: Inline-6


MAX RPM: 6,400

HP/LB RATIO: 0.464

GEAR RATIO: 1.85:1

WEIGHT: 647 lb.


MSRP as tested: $190,000


TOP SPEED: 59.7 mph

TIME TO PLANE: 3.5 sec.

0-30 MPH TIME: 7.2 sec.

BEST MPG: 1.78 @ 42.1 mph (4,500 rpm)

MAXIMUM RANGE: 570 miles

Invincible’s 33 Open Fisherman features a wide-open layout and a deck remains level all the way to the bow, eliminating any possible trip points. Courtesy Invincible Boats
The 33 corners confidently without tripping or skipping. Courtesy Invincible Boats
Invincible’s 33 Open Fisherman features a pair of vents in the hull designed to introduce a cushion of air under the running surface to smooth the ride, boost speed and improve fuel efficiency. Courtesy Invincible Boats
The faster you run the 33 Open Fisherman, the smoother it rides. Courtesy Invincible Boats
Invincible’s 33 Open Fisherman performs exceedingly well with a pair of 300 hp outboards. Courtesy Invincible Boats
The 33 begs to be driven fast. In our test, we achieved nearly 60 mph with this boat. Courtesy Invincible Boats
The 33 features a 33-inch-wide dash panel that will accept a pair of flush-mounted 12-inch multi-function displays. Courtesy Invincible Boats
The leaning post seat on our test boat featured four rod holders behind the back rest. Courtesy Invincible Boats
A 35-gallon live well is built into the 33’s transom bulkhead, with a second 50-gallon live well below the aft deck. Courtesy Invincible Boats
An optional, removable transom bench seat let’s you create additional seating aboard the 33. Courtesy Invincible Boats
Two cavernous fish lockers reside below the forward deck of Invincible’s 33 Open Fisherman. Courtesy Invincible Boats

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