Shocking Video Shows Gory Reality of Shark Finning

A shocking video offers in less than a minute an effective reminder of why this country has banned shark finning — and why the whole world needs to.

Based on valuing a picture as worth a thousand words, I'm not sure what a video could be, but it must be more. The video (below) that I saw this morning offers both a very brief and very powerful reminder of how horrific is the practice of shark finning. It also reminds me that our Congress did actually do something last session — it passed (in addition to the Billfish Conservation Act) the Shark Conservation Act, which President Obama signed into law, closing loopholes on an existing U.S. ban on shark finning. This country now bans finning almost completely in its waters and blocks seafood imports from countries that still allow shark fishing. Unfortunately, shark finning continues in much of the world's waters to satisfy a booming Chinese demand for shark-fin soup, according to the U.K. group, Bite-Back, which produced the video. I admit I've never eaten that ostensible delicacy, but I've heard that it's watery, weak and not very impressive — and, I'm certain, not worth the sort of gruesome slaughter this grim video reveals.