Be Part of the Squeaky Wheel

A new grassroots advocacy organization will help lend clout to boating and sport-fishing industries.



Chris Woodward

Walking the Miami International Boat Show last week, I was reminded strongly of the importance to this nation’s economic well being of the boating industry. (And seeing the amazing, to-drool-for fishing outboard boats reminded me of their importance to recreational fisheries and fishing.)

In that context, I think it's a great use of this space to share with SF's audience the new and important grassroots advocacy arm of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Boating United. This will, in the words of the NMMA, allow "boating enthusiasts to stand up for our industry and show lawmakers that boating matters."

Without passing Go or collecting $200, I would urge those reading this who care about fishing from boats — yours and/or anyone's — to go to the Boating United web site now. In a couple of minutes and as many mouse clicks, you can lend your support to the organization's current efforts to change the misguided ethanol mandate that would damage your outboards and to save access for boaters/anglers in Biscayne National Park.

And be sure to click on “sign up today” so you’ll get action alerts when vital issues need your support.

Boating and boaters need a squeaky wheel in Washington; be part of that.