Video: Bull Shark Devours Redfish in One Bite

Bull Shark

Bull Shark

Screen grab courtesy YouTube

While walking the halls of the ICAST tackle show in Orlando, Florida, last week, Jim Schulin, an old friend from rod maker Temple Fork Outfitters approached me and said with a wry smile that I needed to see a video on his phone. He accessed YouTube and began chuckling as the video started to play.

At first, the flick seemed rather boring – a gal named Sarah Brame was reeling in a redfish from a dock on a rainy day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

But just about the time the red was being netted, an unexpected visitor shows up. All I can say is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bull shark attack a fish with such ferocity — and Sarah’s hilarious reaction is priceless.

Enjoy the vid (Warning -- graphic language):