Winegard's ConnecT WF-200M Antenna

Combining long-range Wi-Fi extender with nationwide 4G LTE cellular for uninterrupted Web surfing and entertainment.

Enjoy uninterrupted coverage while at the marina or out on the water.Courtesy Winegard

Winegard's ConnecT WF-200M antenna combines a ­long-range Wi-Fi-signal extender with built-in nationwide 4G LTE cellular so boaters can enjoy uninterrupted coverage for Web surfing, streaming entertainment, and staying connected with friends while at the marina or out on the water. The antenna accesses and boosts available shoreside Wi-Fi when the vessel is docked within range. When out of range, boaters can easily switch to 4G LTE coverage. Boaters can also download software updates for Wi-Fi-enabled electronics or fetch sea-surface-temperature data. The antenna costs $479; pay-as-you-go and monthly data plans are available starting at $20 for 1GB.