What’s Below Your Boat Photo-Contest Winners

Top three fish finder screenshots chosen for prize packages

January 20, 2016
Three What's Below Your Boat Winners
The three winners of our What’s Below Your Boat photo contest — (clockwise) threadfin salmon, spearfishing human and liberty ship — all employed imaging sonar such as side- or down-scanning technology. Each entrant won a tackle grab bag worth $100. We received 21 awesome entries, and the choice was tough. Take a look through all of the submissions in this gallery and see if you agree with us. Chris Woodward
Sonar screenshot of threadfin salmon
FIRST PLACE: Bill Carson captured this screenshot of threadfin salmon in Australia, using a Humminbird ONIX 10si. Bill Carson
Spearfisherman screenshot
SECOND PLACE: Mike Karsnitz used a Simrad NSS evo2 multifunction display to screenshot this view of a person spearfishing off Ocean City, Maryland. Mike Karsnitz
Liberty ship screenshot
THIRD PLACE: Ashley Widenhouse saw this clear screenshot of a liberty shipwreck off Wrightsville Beach, NC, using a Simrad NSS12. Ashley Widenhouse
Yellowfin tuna school screenshot
C. Labozza used a Furuno DFF1-UHD CHIRP sonar unit to view yellowfin tuna schools on screen off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. C. Labozza
Barramundi screenshot
Nick Philippa’s Humminbird 798si snapped these four different views of barramundi near structure, off Cairns, Australia. Nick Philippa
Spotted bass screenshot
Spotted bass convention on Lake Lanier, Georgia, for Troy Rogers and his Garmin GPSMAP 7612xsv. Troy Rogers
Lowrance tuna screenshot
Eric Matuzsan snapped a screenshot of yellowfin tuna marks, using a Lowrance sonar unit near Tom’s Canyon, New Jersey. Eric Matuzsan
Paint Lake walleye screenshot
Brent King was hunting walleye in Canada’s Paint Lake when he shot this clear mark of a fish near structure with a Humminbird 798c unit. Brent King
Pink snapper screenshot
Clive Tanner hit the motherlode of pink snapper off Bunbury, Australia, using a Furuno FCV-585 sounder. Clive Tanner
Scuba diver screenshot
Mike Szabo marked a scuba diver (right side) with his Humminbird 997c in Shark River, New Jersey. Mike Szabo
Weakfish and striped bass screenshot
Szabo also submitted this photo of his Humminbird 997c, showing weakfish and striped bass off Long Branch, New Jersey. Mike Szabo
Bass screenshot
Garrett Riles found some largemouth and white bass in Pickwick Lake, Tennessee, with a Humminbird ONIX 10si. Garrett Riles
Kingfish screenshot
A long, lean, and unmistakable, king mackerel showed up on the Furuno FCV-585 for Daniel Suarez, off Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Daniel Suarez
Striped bass screenshot
Striped bass light up the Lowrance HDS Gen2 display for Jason Hammond, at Lake Lanier, Georgia. Jason Hammond
Muskie screenshot
Muskie on the Humminbird 1199si machine for Philip Lundy at Canada’s Balsam Lake. Philip Lundy
Walleye screenshot
Chris Meyer’s Lowrance HDS Gen3 with its state-of-the-art StructureScan 3D technology caught these two imaging views of walleye in Lake Superior. Chris Meyer
Bait screenshot
A bait blizzard in Carter’s Lake, Georgia, capture by Eric Crowley with his Humminbird 1199. Eric Crowley
Zander screenshot
Chris Boxberger, while fishing for zander in Holland, locked onto this clear screenshot with his Humminbird ONIX 10. Chris Boxberger
Gizzard shad screenshot
Michael Ward’s Lowrance HDS10 with StructureScan returned this amazing image of gizzard shad in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Michael Ward
Chesapeake Bay screenshot
With his Furuno GP1870F, Greg Shute compared returns from a 50 kHz transducer element with those from a 200 kHz element to identify bait, striped bass and a thermocline in the Chesapeake Bay. Greg Shute
Chinook salmon screenshot
David Murphy’s Lowrance HDS unit created this clear and colorful image of Chinook salmon surrounding a cloud of bait in Kyuquot Sound, British Columbia. David Murphy

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