Shimano Speedmaster 12II and 16II Reels

New conventional reels for heavy braided line.

Shimano’s Speedmaster 12II and 16II reels are two-speed lever-drag conventionals.Shimano

For those anglers who use heavy-pound-test braids with fluorocarbon topshots, Shimano has added the Speedmaster 12II and 16II reels to its two-speed, lever-drag lineup. The reels offer 5.7- and 3.1-to-1 gear ratios with plenty of spool capacity to battle big fish. The 12II holds up to 400 yards of 65-pound braid, and the 16II holds 450 yards of 80. Both reels feature 40 pounds of max drag pressure and Shimano’s Hagane Body with the S-Compact design. The 12II weighs 25.7 ounces and costs $249.99, and the 16II weighs 26.5 ounces and costs $259.99.