Kayak How-To Video: Swapping in a Garmin Transducer

Switching electronics brands? Here are a few tips we found in the process.

October 12, 2021
Garmin transducer for kayak fishing
Mounting electronics on a kayak is usually fairly simple but often, swapping brands creates unique challenges. Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

I realize that I’m not the first kayak angler to change electronics brands and encounter installation issues. But I figured that the more information and tips available online, the less complicated the task might be for others. Let me start at the beginning.

I like to change the electronics on my kayaks and boats every three to five years. Because I write about electronics for our publications, I usually swap electronics brands each time so that I can become more familiar with the user interfaces.

When I bought my Hobie Compass kayak several years ago, we installed a Lowrance display and transducer, using Hobie’s Lowrance-Ready transducer mounting system — which positions the long slender transom-mount sensor into a pocket beneath the hull. The transducer fastens to the hull using a plastic adapter plate and screws. Easy-peasy.


After three years, I decided to install a Garmin EchoMap UHD 74sv. However, the holes on the Garmin transducer did not match up with the holes on the adapter plate. My own internet search began. I found the BerleyPro Hobie Transducer Mount.

BerleyPro transducer mount
This BerleyPro Hobie Transducer Mount gave me just the part I needed to best install my new Garmin unit. One of the best aspects of outfitting a kayak is that parts makers respond quickly to perceived issues, and the online network of advice and help is broad. Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing

My initial excitement waned as I noticed the company was located in Australia. Shipping would be possible, but costly. Another search located the same product at At $73.14 with free shipping, I hit buy.

Once I found this product, the rest of the install went fairly easily, although I managed to fasten on the new adapter plate upside down at first. Attaching the Garmin’s power cord to a Nocqua cable to plug into my Li-ion battery was a simple matter of matching red wires and black wires.


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I feel great satisfaction when I plug in something and it works instantly. I used Garmin’s Active Captain app to download and install g3 Vision charts to my MFD. My first fishing trip with the new Garmin showed me all kinds of new functionality as well as pointing out fish and bait schools.

Here’s the short video capture of the process:


Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing


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