FLIR M300 Series Thermal Cameras

Five new models representing a new generation of technology.

FLIR's new M300 Series of thermal cameras includes five new models.Courtesy FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems says its M300 Series represents a new generation of maritime thermal cameras that provides awareness-enhancing technologies and seamless integration. The five models in the series feature pan-and-tilt housings. Four include Boson 640- or 320-pixel resolution, thermal camera cores and various fixed field-of-view lenses; one model, the M300C, is a visible-light camera with high-definition color and a 30X zoom. All offer image stabilization, using an integrated attitude-heading, reference-system sensor. The top-of-the-line M364C and M364C LR (long range) come with Color Thermal Vision, blending thermal and high-def, visible-color video. Prices range from $6,495 to $29,495.