Spinner Knobs on Boat Steering Wheels

You can add one of these without having to buy a new steering wheel.

Spinner knobs help you turn the wheel quickly during low-speed ­maneuvers.Courtesy Edson and Sea-Dog

Many new boats today feature steering wheels with knobs that make it easy to spin the wheel quickly during low-speed ­maneuvers. If you don’t have one of these on your older boat, you can add one without getting a whole new steering wheel. At least two companies offer add-on spinner knobs for marine applications. Edson, for example, offers three versions of its add-on Power Knob (starting at about $76) to fit virtually any boat steering wheel. There’s also the Sea-Dog stainless-steel ­maneuvering knob (about $24). Both systems feature spinning handles that easily strap or clamp to the rim of the steering wheel.