Simrad S5100 Chirp Sonar Module

New fish finder offers three fully independent sonar channels

The S5100 allows anglers to split the display screen to show and control simultaneous views from each transducer.Courtesy Simrad

Simrad says its S5100 chirp sonar module is the first to offer three fully independent sonar channels (with up to 3 kW per channel) to deliver high-resolution returns across multiple depth ranges — whether connected to three single-channel transducers or one dual-channel and one single-channel. Split the display screen to show simultaneous views from each transducer and then control each panel separately. Anglers can also adjust specific chirp frequencies from 28 to 250 kHz. The S5100 ($1,999) features high-speed Ethernet connectivity and is compatible with NSS evo3 and evo2 displays, NSO evo2 glass-bridge systems and the S2000 series of fish finders.