Lehr 25 Propane-Powered Outboard

New Lehr engine is the largest propane model yet.

Lehr, builder of propane-powered outboards, has added a 25 hp engine to its lineup of smaller 9.9 and 15 hp models. The two-cylinder, 498cc SOHC four-stroke offers easy electric or pull starting — with no choking or priming — and zero evaporative emissions or marine pollutants. The Liquid Draw fueling system incorporates a heated evaporation process that changes the fuel from liquid to gas. An optional internal lithium-ion battery is available for electric-start versions, which can hold an unloaded charge for an entire year without compromising service life. Available in 15- or 20-inch shaft lengths and with optional composite tanks, the new 25 starts at $4,295.

Courtesy of Lehr