Keep Bean-bag Seats in Place with Sea-Cure Bean-bag Net

Stow bean-bag on hardtops and T-tops with the Sea-Cure bean-bag net

Sea-Cure Bean Bag Net

Sea-Cure bean bag nets keep bean-bag chairs secure.Courtesy Sea-Cure

Stowing marine bean-bag seats on hardtops and canvas tops is common. Most boaters lash down the bags with bungee cords or dock lines. But now there's a better way. Sea-Cure Marine's bean-bag nets consist of bungees in a web arrangement with peri­meter hooks, fashioned from King Starboard, which fasten to the T-top frame. The bungee cords are wrapped in a soft polyethylene yarn for UV protection and durability. The medium (6-by-4-foot unstretched) Sea-Cure bean-bag net ($99.95) handles two or three medium to large bean-bag seats. The large (7-by-5-foot unstretched) net ($109.95) holds from three to five medium to large bags.