ICAST 2016 — Top Takeaways, Day Two

New fishing gear from Penn, Garmin, FLIR and more.

The world's largest sportfishing trade show is underway, and Sport Fishing spotlights the newest products from the top manufacturers at the world's tackle epicenter. Don't miss Sport Fishing's complete coverage of ICAST 2016, including video and more photo galleries.

Penn Slammer III Spinning Reel

Penn Slammer III fishing spinning reel
The Penn Slammer III packs the power and durability for offshore action. Heavy-duty comments include full metal body, sideplate and rotor; IP67 sealed body and spool design; sealed drag; and 6+1 stainless steel bearing system. Pictured, the 10500 model (540 yards of 80-pound braid) costs $350.Sam Hudson / Sport Fishing Magazine

FLIR Ocean Scout TK

FLIR Ocean Scout TK handheld thermal-imaging camera
FLIR's Ocean Scout TK handheld thermal-imaging camera — the smallest, most-affordable FLIR handheld — features video- and still-image capture, multiple color palettes and up to eight hours of battery life. It costs $599.Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing Magazine

Eco-Net Eco-Popper

Eco-Net Eco-Popper fishing lure
This innovative digital popper from Eco-Net connects a camera on the end of the fishing lure to an angler's smartphone, providing a live view of the action below the water’s surface. The topwater popper is good for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, will cost $179.99 and should hit the market next year.Devin Golden / Sport Fishing Magazine

Garmin Quatix 3 GPS Smartwatch

Garmin Quatix 3 GPS Smartwatch
Navigation features on Garmin's new Quatix 3 GPS Smartwatch include a 3-axis compass, altimeter, barometer and Sight N' Go. Anglers can display local tide data, sail racing data, a fish-catch counter, and other apps. The watch delivers smart notifications for email, text messages and more, and it allows control of a Fusion stereo system. MSRP is listed as $599.99.Devin Golden / Sport Fishing Magazine

Heybo Outrigger Vest

Heybo Outrigger technical fishing vest
This great-looking new vest from Heybo is 100-percent poly fleece of stretch fabric with a full zip front. MSRP is $74.99.Doug Olander / Sport Fishing Magazine

Rapala Skitter V Topwater Plug

Rapala Skitter V Topwater Plug fishing lure
Rapala released numerous new saltwater plugs at ICAST this year, with the Skitter V one of the highlights. The topwater plug features a keel and tail weight for gliding action with each rod-tip twitch. Price is $9.49.Sam Hudson / Sport Fishing Magazine

Cuda Professional Knife Series

Cuda Professional fishing knife
Cuda's new professional knife series includes this 10-inch titanium nonstick professional wide filet knife. It costs $79.99.Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing Magazine

Huk Women's ICON Shirt

Huk Women ICON short-sleeve shirt
Huk's women's ICON short-sleeve shirt in Kryptek Pontus camo is available next week. It costs $39.99.Chris Woodward / Sport Fishing Magazine

Hanta Stick Baits and Poppers

Hanta Stick Baits and Poppers fishing lures
These hand-painted, through-wired stick baits are made from kiln-dried mahogany. The Komodo Poppers are designed to create a huge fuss. The stick baits retail for $55 to $79; the poppers go for $28.00Doug Olander / Sport Fishing Magazine

BigFish Gear Skelefish Back Country

BigFish Gear Skelefish Back Country tech fishing shirt
Badass. There’s really no more succinct way to sum up the look of these tech fishing shirts with their 3D chrome skeleton illos of tarpon, snook and redfish. They retail for $59.55.Doug Olander / Sport Fishing Magazine

Buff UV-Protection Arm Sleeves

Buff ultraviolet protection fishing armsleeves
Can you see the trout eye design? Buff showed off new arm sleeve designs that protect from UV and insects. Prices range from $25 to $30.Sam Hudson / Sport Fishing Magazine

Simms BugStopper Shirt

Simms BugStopper fishing shirt
Combining insect protection and sun protection, Simms' new long-sleeve BugStopper Sunshirt with Solarflex repels insects through its lifetime for $64.95. The shirt also quickly dries and is lightweight and breathable. There are multiple styles — a hoodie, button down and other accessories such as gloves and sleeves.Devin Golden / Sport Fishing Magazine