Two Top Collapsible Landing Nets

Save space with a collapsible landing net.

Collapsible landing net
A collapsible landing net is handy smaller boats. Jon Whittle

Bigger is better when it comes to landing nets—until it’s time to store one within the confines of a skiff or small bay boat, which rarely includes stowage for beach-ball-size hoops. Enter these collapsible models, which feature a compact storage size but unfurl to end big battles.

Bass Pro Shops Gold Series Folding Landing Net, $40

Like an umbrella, this clever landing net packs tightly around the handle to let it slide into the tightest spaces. Yet the 26-by-25-inch landing net deploys with a fast, one-handed operation, and the handle telescopes from 35 to 62 inches to spare anglers’ backs. Bonus: The net is easily replaced.

Stowmaster Saltwater Series Landing Net, $230

Collapsible yet strong, this model pairs aircraft-grade extruded aluminum with rubber-dipped, knotless nylon netting (24-by-28 inches) that preserves fishes’ delicate slime layer and helps them survive the fight. That netting also resists tangles, and the hoop collapses to half its size. The handle extends like a go-go-gadget arm to 84 inches, and a lifetime warranty makes good on (unlikely) damage.

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