ICAST Video How-To Series: Penn Squall Lever-Drag Two-Speed

Two-speed reels enhance power and speed in big-fish fights

Penn Squall Lever-Drag Two-Speed

Penn Squall Lever-Drag Two-Speed

In the how-to video below, Penn's brand manager Mike Rice introduces the Squall Lever-Drag Two-Speed conventional reels, and offers some tips on when to use the high and low speeds.

Here’s a little more about the new reels:

Squall Lever-Drag Two-Speed reels come in 16VS, 30VSW, and 50VSW "IGFA" sizes, which means they hold 1,000 yards of 16-, 30-, and 50-pound mono. With an all-stainless-steel gear train, the Quick Shift system allows anglers to quickly move in and out of high (2.9-, 4.2- and 4.5-to-1) and low (1.5-, 1.8- and 2.1-to-1) gears. This coupled with Penn's proprietary Dura Drag system makes these graphite-framed reels marlin and tuna-ready. Retail pricing is $250 to $350. Call 800-892-5444 or visit pennreels.com. SEE MORE VIDEOS ON THE ICAST 2013 PAGE.