ICAST Video How-To Series: AFTCO Gaffs

An expert offers proven tips for boating fish with AFTCO gaffs.

AFTCO Taper-Tip Aluminum Gaffs

AFTCO Taper-Tip Aluminum Gaffs

In this video, AFTCO's Greg Stotesbury, using one of AFTCO's 6-foot, aluminum, taper-tip gold-anodized gaffs, demonstrates the best method for gaffing a fish, as well as the proper method for lifting a fish aboard a boat.

Here’s a little bit more about these gaffs:

AFTCO's taper-tip aluminum gaffs feature shafts made from corrosion-resisteant 6061 T6 marine aluminum, and each is swaged for uniform strength throughout. Gaff hooks are fashioned from stainless steel with easy-sharpen triangular points. Models are available in gold- and black-anodized finishes in shaft lengths ranging from 3 to 8 feet and hook throats ranging from 2 to 5 inches. Suggested retail price for the AFTCO model 356GLD used in this video is $131.73. Call 877-489-4278 or visit aftco.com. SEE MORE VIDEOS ON **THE ICAST 2013 PAGE.