Garmin GMR Fantom Radar with Doppler Technology

A new solid-state pulse-compression radar available in 4- and 6-foot arrays

Garmin GMR Fantom Doppler Radar
Garmin GMR Fantom radarCourtesy of Garmin

Garmin's GMR Fantom solid-state pulse-compression radar offers MotionScope Doppler technology and an industry-high 40 watts of power. Available in a 4- or 6-foot array, Fantoms employ the popular weather-radar ­technique of Doppler processing to highlight moving targets. Anglers gain instant information about vessels moving toward them to avoid potential collisions, and they can find and follow a flock of birds. With Echo Trails on, anglers can see a breadcrumb trail that shows the path of the moving target. Fantom provides detection as close as 20 feet and as far as 72 nautical miles. Compatible with three of Garmin's GPSMAP series, it costs $6,999.99 to $7,499.99.