FLIR M100 and M200 Thermal Cameras

New compact M100 and M200 thermal cameras can connect with multiple compatible MFDs.

FLIR released its M100 and M200 thermal cameras earlier this year.Courtesy FLIR

FLIR has debuted its most compact pan-and-tilt marine thermal cameras to date, with the February rollout of the M100 ($2,495) and M200 ($3,495), both with 320-by-240-pixel resolution. A simple Ethernet connection networks the new M-Series units with multiple compatible MFDs. The M100 offers adjustable tilt to compensate for when the boat is running bow high. The M200 offers full pan and tilt for 360-degree viewing in vertical and horizontal planes. Paired with Raymarine's new Axiom MFDs, the new cameras visually and audibly alert the operator to objects such as boats or markers, using ClearCruise ­intelligent thermal analytics.