Fishing Rod Device Sends Alert to Phone When Fish On

FishSentry connects to a mobile device to alert anglers to movement, log location and more.

At first glance, it seems like a lazy move for angler technology. A hybrid of fishing rod and electronic device that alerts the angler when a fish might be on the line — really? If we don't get typecasted enough with tipped hats to catch a nap or being beer drinkers of the sea. Giving FishSentry another look, makes a whole lot of sense.

It uses sensors at the rod tip and base to detect changes in tip movement. It can detect changes while trolling. It logs location and time of the catch. It's basically having Siri (minus the voice) attached to the line, alerting the angler when action lies beneath.

Connecting through their FishSentry App, using Bluetooth technology, it will record time, date, location, tides, moon phase, and weather. It also allows you to share with friends and family.

Part logbook, part mate in the palm of your hand.

To learn more, go to the FishSentry IndieGoGo page.