Dock Mats Keep Your Boat Deck Clean

A dock mat lets guest wipe their feet before boarding your boat.

Keep your boat clean with a dock mat.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Want to prevent tracked‑in dirt, mud, grime, grease and gravel from marring your nice clean deck? Consider a dock mat — much like a doormat for your home — that allows guests to wipe off the soles of their boat shoes, boots or flip-flops before stepping aboard. offers 24-inch-by-17-inch "Welcome Aboard" embroidered dock mats featuring marine-grade ­carpeting for about $45. Vinyl ­backing keeps the mat from slipping around, even on a wet dock. You can also order mats with custom embroidery such as your boat's name. Being a neat freak, I also put a towel on the deck so guests can wipe their feet a second time.