Daiwa Coastal TWS 200 Inshore Bait Caster

New casting reel features ultimate tournament drag and long-cast system.

Daiwa Coastal TWS 200 bait caster
Daiwa Coastal TWS 200Courtesy of Daiwa

Daiwa's new Coastal TWS 200 inshore bait caster features the company's TWS long-cast system and eight corrosion-resistant ball bearings. It also comes with high-strength gearing material, a 7.3-to-1 gear ratio, and a swept-handle design with custom EVA knobs to provide better cranking power. The new 200-size reel offers about 35 percent more line capacity than the previous 100 (165 yards of 14-pound-test mono) and includes Daiwa's Ultimate Tournament Drag, with up to 15.4 pounds of max drag to help you stop bigger fish. The Coastal TWS 200 costs $229.95.